Forty And Fabulous

Something magical happens when you turn 40. Your “I don’t give a f*^% what you think” meter goes way down and you begin to live your life as the woman you were meant to be. The woman you were born to become. You start living according to what you want, to what you believe and to what feels true. It’s a becoming of sorts. I think we should celebrate this shift…in a big way! Like, I’m thinking a “Forty And Fabulous” kickass party for women 40 and up celebrating our true Self!

For me it’s been quite a big transformation. I’ve shed lots of old skin and gently let go of things that didn’t serve me anymore. I’ve let go of old beliefs I had about myself. I am saying yes to more of the things I truly want, and no to the things that don’t fit into my life.

Depending on when you decided to have children, they are likely to be a little older when you reach your 40’s. School days get longer and as a stay at home mom, you find yourself with a lot more time and almost feel a little redundant between 8am – 3pm. It’s almost like getting a permission slip to reconnect with your wants, needs, and desires. This is a wonderful opportunity to check in on where you are at in your life. To reevaluate what’s working and what’s not. And, if you want, start a new career!

And this is exactly where I’m at in my life. At age 44 I am now 4 months into a year long certification program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a Holistic Health Coach. In May I will be able to begin seeing clients. In addition to my health coaching business I will continue hosting monthly yoga day retreats, weekend retreats and wellness workshops.

Turning 40 however also has a not so bright side to it. Something happens to your body. Things begin to shift and whatever exercise and nutrition strategies you believed in, in your 20’s and 30’s, no longer work. I’ve come to learn – through lots of Drs bills and tears – that calories in and calories out no longer work for me in the weight loss equation. Focusing on how much I exercise and how little I eat is no longer enough when I am trying to lose weight. I’ve begrudgingly accepted that if my hormones are not balanced and happy, that number on the scale and my pudgy belly ain’t going nowhere!

But the good news is, I can change this. I have control over my health destiny by focusing on a predominantly plant based diet, eating mindfully, exercising efficiently and investing in self-care. In addition to my training with IIN, I have been doing extensive research; reading books by leaders in the Functional Medicine realm like Dr Sara Gottfried and Dr Stephen Cabral, listening to podcasts and applying what I’m learning to my own life.

With this knowledge, and through the trials and tribulations in my own health, I want to help other women go through the more challenging side of turning 40. I believe women over 40 are overlooked in the health industry. We are advised to take an anti-depressant to help us with common symptoms such as low libido, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and weight gain. I say: Hell No! We are not broken and don’t need to be fixed by a pill.

I am super passionate about women’s health, yoga, food (and wine) and building a community of like minded women that lift each other up, support and celebrate other women.

Join me on this journey as I launch SoulSpaceBody and share my experiences and knowledge. My mission is to inspire and provide support, enhancing people’s health and happiness, igniting a ripple effect that transforms the world. I want to help women gain insights, results and happiness.

But first, I’m planning that “Forty and Fabulous” party. Who’s with me?

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