My Services

Health Coaching


Are you feeling stuck and in a health rut? A once off session might be just what you need to get you back on track.

INVESTMENT: single session 60 minutes @ $85 / R1500

Including summary notes and a 14 day, customised meal plan.


We work together toward a goal, identifying habits that no longer serve you and implement practical steps to get you where you want to be. 

INVESTMENT: 6 x 60 minute sessions over a six week period @ $555


We work together to create a personalised and sustainable Blueprint for  optimal health and happiness, transforming the way you think, move and feel. You will receive an Ebook every four weeks, full of resources, recipes, meal plans and the tools you need to reset your hormone health and make a positive, long lasting change!

INVESTMENT: 12 x 60 minute sessions over a period of twelve weeks @ $1222

My coaching practice is about TRANSFORMATION, not information.
When you hire me as your coach, it’s about:

I love what I do and I will walk beside you every step of the way, as your coach, accountability partner, biggest cheerleader + supporter and your wellness guide, making sure that your health, happiness and well being is the most important goal.

Strala Yoga is about ease. Ease isn’t a destination, its a process. This process involves slowing down, breathing deeply and feeling into your body as you are moving. Often in life, and in our yoga practice, we move like robots without really feeling. We strive to achieve a pose reacting to the external rather than our inner intelligence. Feeling is how we accomplish ease. When we feel, we move easily and make decisions that heal our lives.

There are three main pieces to Strala.


Being embodies how you are; how we do anything is how we do everything.


Moving embodies how you go about things. In Strala we encourage you to move naturally, with the least amount of effort, to improve efficiency and promote healing.


Healing is what happens when you master being and moving authentically. When we put our attention on how we are and how we go about things, we begin to heal ourselves. With every practice we heal imbalances in the body; improve immunity; ignite relaxation; recover from injury, trauma and stress; and enjoy overall well-being.

As a Strala Yoga Guide, I guide you through your practice, rather than dictate how you should move. I encourage you to move naturally, everything you have, in all directions.

There are no restrictive alignment cues and imposing adjustments. Together we move like water, fuelled by our breath.

We move intuitively, finding our own optimal body, balance, fitness and most of all, happiness. We radiate light.

This is the definition of Strala.

SoulSpace Retreats

I create and host fun, creative day and weekend yoga retreats that rejuvenate your tired mind and body and help you to reconnect with your Self.

How about a day or weekend of pure “you” time? Wake up whenever you’d like to and relax the whole day. Practice a 90 minute yoga class without any interruptions and eat a peaceful meal with like-minded people before sleeping 8 or more hours.

This is what SoulSpace Retreats are all about! Just show up, chill out and let go. No planning and organizing! You are encouraged to step out of your role of mom, wife, or entrepreneur (or even all three!) and just BE yourself, guilt free!


The essential parts of healthy living are eating more fruit and vegetables, moving your body and finding your tribe.

Community is essential for success and happiness. Finding a community that aligns with your health and well-being goals is imperative for success and happiness.

Your community of soul sisters, your tribe, will support you on your journey to achieving your best life ever and help you sustain it. My workshops will be about creating community around health, wellness and happiness.

Let’s create this community together and feel more connected to ourselves and each other.

Watch this space!

Do you want to implement healthier habits but don’t know where to start?

This free guide will help you go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling empowered!