About me

My story

Hormonal changes and challenges are inevitable. Suffering is optional.

My journey, that led me to where I am today, is the result of many different paths. These paths include a career in the luxury hotel industry, a brief stint in Real Estate, several yoga teacher trainings, organizing bespoke luxury yoga retreats and a certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

In my 30’s I enjoyed wine, good food, coffee carbs and sweet treats. I wasn’t too strict with what I ate and I felt well balanced overall.

Then came my forties. 

All of a sudden, 

My healing journey began when I accepted my beautiful, hormonal body and started researching how I can best support myself. All this research has informed my coaching practice and I apply much of what helped me to my programs. 

When you are approaching a solution, it can be overwhelming and you might not know where to start. There are many components that contribute to your healing and wellbeing so it’s essential to a have a methodology that will serve your lifestyle in the long-term and it’s not just a quick fix. You want to create a sustainable blueprint that is a way of life. A blue print that works while you are on vacation. Creating a lifestyle that you makes you feel like you are cheating when you are on holiday is unproductive and messes with your head. You constantly feel like you are letting yourself down and this can cause you to spiral back into old habits.

We want to create a solid foundation that allows for a balanced life, birthday cake and alcohol included. Life is about indulgence in moderation and fun, not restriction and deprivation. 

Let’s get started!

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