10 Ways To Prioritize Your Health


As I am focusing on growing my business and finding myself navigating single parenting quite frequently (my husband travels a lot for work), this year has been a very busy, and sometimes even chaotic, season of life for me. But since shifting my focus to feeling damn good over looking damn good or completing my to-do list, not only have I been more consistent with my habits, but I feel better everyday than I have in years.

Implementing small daily habits over time, gives you big results. Have a look at my list and think about what you can do in your own life.

1. Phone is off by 8:00 PM. I place my phone on a charger in the kitchen and only check it again in the morning. This way I’m not tempted to scroll Instagram one more time or check my messages.
2. Natural light first thing in the morning. Go outside and enjoy the sun for at least 10 minutes. This is a powerful way to set your circadian rhythm for the day as it triggers the release of melatonin 12-14 hours later. Try this for just a week and notice how much earlier you get sleepy!
3. Fasting for 12 – 14 hours every day. When you stop eating in the evening, you are telling your body that It’s time to turn on the repair and renewal processes and our cells sense that. Fasting has SO many benefits beyond insulin levels. It can improve digestion, increase energy levels and prevent metabolic and inflammatory diseases.
4. Create your ideal wind-down routine. We know bed time routines for kids are really effective so why do we stop doing them as adults? I like to take 30-45 minutes every evening to get myself mentally and physically ready for bed. This routine looks something likes this: wash my face and apply my moisturizer mixed with an essential oil; brush my hair and teeth; put my diffuser on with my favorite night time blend; dim the lights in the bedroom; make a hot water bottle; cuddle up in bed with a great book or journal.
There are many variations of this routine but the key here is to do whatever makes you feel nurtured.
5. 30 minutes of movement. This usually looks like a walk with the dogs after school drop off. Or I’ll stack it with a family walk! Gym 3xs/week and yoga on the my off days. If I don’t make it to the gym, I make sure I move my body for at least 20-30 minutes in a different way.
6. A daily smoothie. Smoothies are a great way to keep my energy levels up and stop cravings later on in the day! For so long, I was under-eating breakfast and running on stress hormones all morning. Smoothies are quick, easy, can be consumed on the go, and pack in a ton of whole food nutrition in one glass.
7. Uplifting podcasts or audio books. I do a lot of driving and am usually listening to a podcast or audiobook. I am a wellness geek so I love learning on the go. Three podcasts I love: We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle, Wellness Unpacked with Ella Mills, The GOOP podcast. Find what works for you!
8. Elevate my heart rate and deep belly breathing every hour, on the hour, during my work day. I’ll take the dogs out into the garden or do 100 jumping jacks or squats. Anything to get me out of my chair and to elevate my heart rate. After that, I choose an essential oil depending on my mood (peppermint for an energy boost in the afternoon, Motivate or In-Tune Blend for creative work and Balance Blend for when it all gets a bit too much) and sit with my hands on my belly and take at least 10 deep belly breaths. Our breath is our most underutilised tool for stress & mood management.
9. Essential oils in my water. I could write an entire email about the benefits of using CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils in my water…maybe I will! My current favorite are grapefruit, green mandarin, fennel (especially when I am craving something sweet!!) and ginger + lemon.
10. Weekly meal planning and prepping. I love to meal prep and plan and lately the boys have been interested in helping with it too. It’s great to make sure you have quick, easy and healthy options at hand and cook in double batches so you don’t have to make a new meal every night.

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